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Corts Leussink is the leading global provider of flat bearings and associated engineering services for rolling mills. Our revolutionary flat bearing technology relies on precision, advanced lubrication and wear- and corrosion-resistance to provide the tightest possible tolerances, longest lifespan and broadest protection of valuable mill components. An overall reduction in downtime, decreased ongoing maintenance costs and an increase in quality of the final rolled product are the result.

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Leussink and Corts Partnership

Cortsleussink Engineering Pty Ltd.


Leussink has teamed up with Corts Engineering to offer Sales, Support, On-site machining, Millstand and Chock varification and Precision Flat Bearings installation for Rolling Mills around the world..

This unique partnership allows the owners of steel rolling mills to have confidence in the refurbishment of their rolling mill - the heart of their operation.

A typical project consist firstly of a detailed millstand varification of existing housing relevant to the passline. Not only is it important to have the individual millstand housing perfect in geometry but also geometrically connected to the pre and post (or preceeding) mill stand housings geometries. CortsLeussink Engineering achive this posibility with our team of mill stand experts and a range of measuring equipment to verify the integrity and compare it to the originl OEM specifications..

Following the verifiction phase, Corts Leussink then calculate the amount of wear presant and determine the machining required without loosing the integrity and strength of the mill stand housing casting.

With a holistic approach, Corts Leussink offer the solution to return the mill stand back to its original intent of geometry. Our team of engineers from across the globe collaborate together and achieve the seemingly impossible operation. The result being a refurbished millstand capable of an extended lifespan at a fraction of the investment nessisary to replace.

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Corts Precision Flat Bearings

Precision Flat Bearings

Flat bearings are a critical component in maintaining optimal rolling conditions, protecting housings and chocks from damage and reducing downtime related to maintenance of key mill components. Corts precision flat bearings are designed to provide the highest level of damage-protection to chock and housing surfaces while also providing minimal, engineered wear. These design elements vastly extend the time period during which a mill can maintain a tight, optimized gap and assure the highest quality rolled product. Corrosion resistance and optimized lubrication allow for the smoothest operation, increasing production time and minimizing down-time required for maintenance related to mill component wear. Advanced monitoring devices also allow for early warning of potential wear or damage, providing an unprecedented level of real-time knowledge regarding production conditions. The result is a mill able to maintain optimal rolling conditions longer than ever before while vastly reducing ongoing wear and damage, thus avoiding costly maintenance fees and lost production time and capacity. .
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SPACE Plus + Laser  Scanner

Survey of Millstand and Chocks

To be able to evaluate the state of any given rolling mill, a general mill audit is necessary. The base of this mill audit is the precise survey of the main mill components, the housing and the chock fleet. With our optical 3D-metrology we offer the precise geometrical inspection of those basic mill components.

Solutions for Housings
The housings of every rolling mill are the base and foundation of the process of keeping the roll-sets in place and controlling the rolled geometries. Detailed knowledge of the precise 3D-geometry of the mill window with all relevant bearing surfaces is imperative for a controlled, reliable rolling process.

Solutions for Chocks
Chocks directly keep the rolls in place so they have the main influence on the tools of every rolling mill. The middle axis of every chock is the base of the overall geometry. All relevant surfaces have to be adjusted to this axis.

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Tomelleri Micron


Proper lubrication between plates not only allows for smoother mill operation, but also helps to protect plates from unnecessary wear and corrosion. Applying the optimal amount of lubrication is also important in ensuring proper operation of your mill as well as reducing costs in both the lubrication itself and costs associated with the cleanup of over-lubrication. Without a proper solution in place excessive wear and tear on the milling stands and associated parts will occur resulting in increased maintenance costs, increased wear on liners and rolls which affects end-product quality and earlier replacement of items like liners resulting in cost increases as well as shorter times between outages for replacement.

The Corts LUBtec solution addresses these problems by providing a system that can ensure proper, even lubrication which greatly reduces the impact of over- or under-lubrication. Smooth operation and even wear of parts affected by lubrication results in a higher quality, more valuable end product. Also, the reduction of wear-and-tear results in decreased maintenance costs as well as reduces down-times associated with maintenance or replacement of these parts
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Gap View

Because of the temperature, pressure and other physical elements involved in the process of manufacturing an inevitable consequence is the wearing of the various components of the mill. In the case of rolling mills this wear ultimately causes an increase in the gap between the housing and chock liners which, once it reaches an unacceptable level, causes loss of quality to the final product which can greatly affect its commercial value in the market.

Our revolutionary GAPview system takes all guesswork out of how gaps are affecting mill performance by allowing the measurement IN REAL TIME of the gaps before, during and after the manufacturing process. This patent-pending hardware and software system allows for an unprecedented level of both real time decision-making during the manufacturing process as well as later analysis to see how the change in gap during manufacturing affected the final product and the components that were in use at that time.

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Coil Control

The camera based measurement system COILcontrol is the efficient combination of photogrammetry and machine vision. The system uses optical profile measurement on the face side of the coils to provide a highly precise three dimensional measurement of the coiling quality.
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CADNO - Roll profile measuring

CADNO measuring instruments are based on the proven, high precision scanning micrometer. In combination with state of the art electronics and software this user-friendly, durable and robust instrument is specifically designed for of the rough environment of rolling mills and roll grinding shops.

You can rely on the precision and reliability of this lightweight and sleek roll measuring tool with it's proven quality and performance track record of over 30 years. The easy-to-read panel displays only the relevant measured values for easy and fast results in the roll shop.

With the included software application, the measured values can be displayed as a detailed roll profile by the click of a button. This graph can be saved at each re-grind therby allowing the complete grinding history of the roll to be recorded from when it´s first used until it is scrapped.
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Component Management System

Every rolling mill, regardless of type, contains a large inventory of expensive rolling equipment. The discrete parts are numerous including housings, drive trains, rolls, chocks, rollneck bearings, hydraulic units and precision flat bearings. It is common practice to record and track these parts using spreadsheets or similar electronic documents which, once copies are sent to other individuals within an organization, quickly become out-of-sync with one another. These documents can also be difficult for others within an organization to access when the "master" is stored on a single PC, limiting their usefulness in situations where quick, easy access to the document is necessary.
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Tomelleri Image Gallery On-site Machining

Over time, chock and housing surfaces can sustain damage from things like wear, corrosion and hammering. While flat bearings and lubrication are meant to protect against these things, improper flat bearing material choices, unoptimized lubrication or simply years of production can result in surface damage that requires machining to repair. Left uncorrected, damaged mounting surfaces can lead to even more damage as bearings cannot be mounted flush resulting in uneven impact and wear protection, corrosion from water seeping in behind the bearings and an increased or uneven gap which hinders proper lubrication and roll position which dramatically reduces overall production quality.

Corts Engineering has extensive experience in correcting multiple types of problems through precision reconditioning of surfaces. A team of experts use per-site, custom designed milling machinery to accomplish reconditioning tasks quickly and accurately while providing for the levels of precision required to return the mounting surfaces and production window to as good or better than OEM specifications. Corts Engineering's experience runs the gamut of all mill types with the ability to easily adapt to the requirements of each individual site and situation. In addition to surface reconditioning, Corts Engineering also has the ability to provide for the following operations: Machine types 1 - 2
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Leussink Metrology Rent / Hire / Contract

Leussink has a full team of engineering experts in rolling mill maintenance available for imediate use. If you have a project that requires this suit of offerings then Contact us today to discover more.

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