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"The difference is, our engineers and draftsman come from the factory floor and simply understand how to design something that CAN be manufactured. That's what sets us apart"

As specialist bespoke mechanical engineers, Leussink offers you a unique range of mechanical engineered solutions, from concept to engineered manufactured solutions

Leussink can provide you with an extensive range of engineering services. Thanks to our expert and highly skilled multidisciplinary team we can offer you a collaborative and integrated service ranging from consulting and advisory studies through to engineering design; Advanced Analysis, complete manufacture capabilities and total project management. We can provide you with an optimised, timely and cost effective engineering solution tailored to meet your specific requirements or specifications and relevant local or international engineering standards.

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Mechanical Engineering

The Leussink Mechanical Engineering team have extensive experience in the design and implementation of various equipment including mine and earth moving machinery, heavy industrial plant, process lines, Demmeler 3D modular fixturing layouts, waste recycling machinery and rolling mills. Our Mechanical Engineers have significant site and manufacturing experience which ensures ease of construction and installation from the factory floor, to the client site, where ever that may be..

We have the capability to design objects from individual machine components to large industrial systems for fabrication, fitting and precision machining. Projects can range from basic components through to full scale turnkey machinery and design.
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Reasarch and development

R&D is the means by which we deliver ingenious and innovative designs and solutions to deliver you with that leading edge. Our engineers and technical experts deliver research and development through a unique value propositions which help you deliver new products to market faster..

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Drafting Services

The Leussink Drafting team offers full design and drafting services from concept stage through to fully detailed workshop drawings. Outputs vary from 3D colour images, files for 3D printing, through to 2D line drawings for all industry sectors, specialising in the Manufacturing, Mining, Steelmaking & Refractory areas. We will help you with projects from full plant layout and design through to the detail design of individual components.

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Designed for manufacture

The Leussink design team understand how to make the parts they design. With the close and regular liaise between design and manufacture personnel boasting four decades of manufacturing know how, you can rest assure that what we design can in fact be made.

Using the latest CAD CAM software, Leussink seamlessly integrate our designs down to the shop floor where the tool paths are generated directly from the design intent.

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Leussink Metrology

Reverse Engineering

The Leussink design team delivers high end reverse engineered components using the latest scanning and datapoint collection metrology equipment. The data we collect is imported directly into CAD where we can the run FEA for optimal performance and life cycle. Engineered adjustments can be added and varified prior to heading to the factory floor.

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Leussink Metrology Contract Engineering Design Services

Leussink has a full team of engineering experts available for imediate use. If you have a project and would like to know more

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