Leussink Engineering have established themselves as market leaders in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commission of specialised machinery designed to meet individual client requirements. From hand held units to heavy machines, our engineers have the ability to meet your production requirements and exceed your expectations.

Alternatively, retrofitting of old machinery is sometimes the most cost-effective means of up-grading equipment. By redesigning from the ground up, installing state of the art controls and modern technology, de-commissioned and worn out machinery can be made to look and perform like new at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some examples:

Scrap Handling Machine

This International client was successful in securing a contract with a local steel manufacturing company for the supply of a Scrap Balling Machine for a passing mill.

The client concluded that it would be more beneficial to have the machine manufactured under license in Australia rather than manufacturing in Japan and transporting to Australia.

The result was a machine that was built on time and on budget and passed all aspects of Australian & Japanese standards.

Chock De-Burrer

This machine was designed and manufactured within 24 hours of receiving word from our client that they had problems with a long wall mining machine.

Design and manufacturing staff were put to the test when they had to work around the clock to meet the customer's delivery requirements. A further three orders have been placed for the same machine from other mines in the region.

As requested, the machine was delivered on time and performed above expectation, resulting in the clients down time being limited to a minimum.


This machine was designed and manufactured for a client who supplies aluminium grating and aluminium sunscreens to both the industrial and architectural markets. A Custom designed and manufactured machine was supplied.

Robot Cells

Design, manufacture, program and installation of robot cells. This cell was manufactured to suit the customers individual needs using modular Demmeler fixtures. Now the customer can use the cell to produce products not in the original design of the machine. Only Modular Demmeler fixtures allow the customer to do this. The robotic cell in action is using two Demmeler tables opposing each other. The tables rotate a full 360 degrees allowing the opperator to load and unload the cell at each end without interupting the robot for maximum production.

Shear Line

This client wanted to upgrade a slitting line that feeds material 3mm-6mm thick x 300mm wide at 8m/min, and stops every 6m to cut the material to length. The new retrofitted machine now operates at up to 25m/min, cuts on-the-fly to achieve length accuracy within 1.5mm and is capable of varying lengths from 1 to 8 metres automatically. The weekly production is now carried out in 2 days.
Plate Leveller

This client needed a Plate Leveller. A brand new German plate leveller capable of rolling 20mm high tensile plate with modern electronic controls was priced at A$11 million. By purchasing an old de-commissioned heavy duty plate leveller, and having it redesigned from the ground up, the company now has a modern heavy duty plate leveller with state of the art electronic controls.

Whats the difference?

The total project cost was A$4 million, 90% of which was spent in Australia, and the leveller rolls up to 32mm high tensile plate, an improvement of 12mm. Total design and project management of fully automated heavy plate leveller comprising of a 300kW premium quality power pack, 3000 tonne ultra high speed and accuracy AGC system, controlled by advanced PLC and SCADE systems.

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