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The company, TOMELLERI ENGINEERING S.r.l., works closely together with a group of companies that either share similar goals or have a built up a long-standing working relationship together, which enables it to develop the skills and know-how required to achieve outstanding results.

Tomelleri EngineeringTomelleri Engineering

Leussink Exclusively representing Tomelleri Engineering

Australia & New Zealand

Leussink has now teamed up with Tomelleri Engineering S.r.l. Italy to offer Sales, Support, Accessories, Calibration, Hire and Warranty for Tomelleri Metrology equipment and Software, both in Australia & New Zealand. Complementing Leussink's existing product and service range, Tomelleri Engineering offer world class Portible Metrology Systems designed to qualify tolerances of any part required without the need to deliver the part to a metrology lab Instead bring the protible measuring device to the workpiece.

If required to perform 3D inspection, CAD-to-part analysis, alignment or reverse engineering Tomelleri Engineering's portable CMMs are the industry standard in Metrology.

For Sales, Service, Warranty or Hire, Contact us for more information

Tomelleri SPACE Plus Arm

SPACE Arm & SPACE Plus Arm

The SPACE Plus and the SPACE are two portable articulated arms CMM, ideal for quick and accurate inspection of any parts within its range.

They are the result of nearly 30 years of experience in production of portable measurement arms, culminating in this renewed version. Now we have better accuracy and repeatability and also a new design nice to see.

The 2016 SPACE line arms are lighter and this make easier to handle the arm during measuring. The counter-balance system with a double spring also gives the machine characteristics of precision light-weight and easy handling.

Our new arm is the top of reliability, accuracy, and flexibility in use.

The SPACE Plus arm can be used also in combination with Laser Scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse-engineering, in 7 axis configuration.

This version has some unique features like the magnetic brake, which prevent accidental fall of the arm and improved electronics for better performance. It’s the perfect equipment for touch or laser inspection and reverse-engineering and is suitable also for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.
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SPACE Plus + Laser  Scanner

Tomelleri SPACE Plus & Laser Scanning Solutions

This system is the combination of a 7 AXES ARM + HI-END Scanner with a new family of line-range laser probes, ideal for complex-profile contour scanning.
There are many brands available in laser scanners:

– the PreciTrack3D model ALP, laser scanners than capturing up to 128000 points per second;
– the Nikon Metrology MMCx laser scanners than capturing at 24000 points per second;

All Laser Scanners can be quickly applied to the rotating 7th axis of the SPACE ARM. This system features digital (ASCII) coordinate output, a visible beam, a Class II rating for safe and easyto-see operations and a long standoff. The CMOS cameras featuring simultaneous scanning, are standard to assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture.
Any of the laser scanner can be used on the SPACE ARM system, as well as any 3rd party software integrated

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Tomelleri Micron

Fast, easy and accurate portable CMM

MICRON is an arm light-weight and easy handling, the counter-balance makes the movement of the axis extremely smooth. The operator holds the probe and guide the arm supporting only 15grams weight.
It’s the perfect equipment for touch probe inspection when easy of use and high precision is necessary quickly and within a hand’s reach. The particular design of the arms allows access to the measurement of the workpiece around its outline, like no other CMMs can do!
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SPACE Turbo - The pipe inspection solution

SPACE Tubo it’s the perfect equipment for pipe inspection with laser fork and dedicated software.

It’s based on the SPACE arm design, is a portable articulated arm CMM ideal for quick and accurate inspection of pipes and any other parts within its range.

The result of more than 25 years of experience in production of portable measurement arms.
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Explorer - Measurement Arm (5.0m, 7.0m & 9.0m)

EXPLORER when you need to measure a large volume! The unique portable arm available in the worldwide market with a measuring range of 5.0m, 7.0m up to 9.0m!

This is the product you need when other equipment cannot reach that large size with such incredible accuracy performance.

It’s the perfect equipment for touch probe inspection of large parts, where you need to “explore” big parts with great flexibility. When your part to inspect is big and heavy, don’t move it, take the EXPLORER arm on it and get your measures done quickly.
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FLOATING Probe - Exclusive to Tomelleri Engineering

Is the revolutionary new concept probe designed by Tomelleri Engineering.

It is a rigid mechanical probe suspended on a spring driven by an aluminum ring that triggers the probe with a simple touch.
The integrated force control avoid to apply uncontrolled load on the part, improving accuracy and repeatability.
The control ring is isolated from the probe stylus to avoid thermal impact from the hands of the user.
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Tomelleri Software - Customised to fit your requirements

You have the choice, either Tomelleri Software, or if you prefer, 3rd parts Software for the inspection and reverse engineering capabilities. We tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget.
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Tomelleri Image Gallery Calibration - Locally Performed, Internationally Recognised

Unique to Leussink Engineering, Tomelleri Metrology Arms can be calibrated right here in Australia in our custom calibration facility for fast turn around times.

We understand your investment needs to remain in service for as long as possible. Sending an arm overseas for calibration is not practical, not to mention it's timely and a costly excercise.

Leussink and Tomelleri overcome this hurdle with its unique calibration service available locally at Leussink Engineering.

This service is unique to Tomelleri range of Metrology Arms

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Rent Demmeler Metrology table - Hold the part exactly how you want to

Leussink has a range of Demmeler 3D fixturing tables and accessories designed to seamlessly connect to any brand of metrology articulated measurment arm. As a user and reseller of Metrology grade articulated measuring arms (Tomelleri), Leussink understand the need to position your product exactly how you want too. Converting your mobile measuring tool onto a fixed precision and stable workbench, Demmeler has the application to meet the requirement.

More Info on Demmeler 3D Fixturing Systems.

Leussink Metrology Rent / Hire / Contract

Leussink has a range of Tomelleri Portible CMM's available for imediate use. If you have a project but you cannot justify a new purchase, or maybe your need additional equipment then Contact us today.

Short term or long term we can tailor a package to suit your needs

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