Leading by example on quality assurance

In manufacturing, quality assurance describes administrative and procedural methodologies designed to prevent mistakes and defects in finished products and services. We operate at an ISO 9001 level of quality assurance and approach every job with a strict focus on the quality of the outcome.

Our quality policy encompasses all aspects of the manufacturing process including:

  • Communications with client & security of client IP;
  • Product design standards;
  • Order processing;
  • Raw material purchases and traceability;
  • Manufacturing & production processes;
  • QA management and inspection;
  • Logistics & shipping; and
  • Job detail recording & storage.

Because we are a one-stop job shop offering everything from design to machining, fabrication and metrology in-house, our customers can engage us for a variety of work while being assured that the high quality of the work will remain consistent throughout. And that includes all work undertaken offsite.

Our expertise lies in solving very technical and complicated engineering problems. Not all companies take the same level of pride as we do in delivering guaranteed quality workmanship. Testament to this is our proven track record of accepting challenges that other organisations deem too hard or too risky.

We confidently accept such work as we boast decades of industry experience and an enviable reputation for delivering engineering work at a level of quality that few can match.

If you require critical engineering and manufacturing solutions, contact us now to find out how we can we work with your team to understand and solve your needs.

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