Expert services tailored to suit your needs

Leussink has always endeavored to provide a wide variety of services to be able to fit any business’ needs and requirements. While the main services that we provide sit within the machining and fabrication sectors many of our customers require that little something extra to see them across the line. These highly specialised services can mean the difference between repairing or replacing.

At Leussink, we believe that these specialised services should all just be part of…well…the service. Through our decades of experience, we have been able to gain a thorough insight in to the needs and wants of the machining, fabrication and engineering sectors, and therefore incorporated a range of services that we felt met those requirements.

Power Transmission

Our Power Transmission service focuses on the repair and rejuvenation of old, broken and worn gearboxes that help drive your machinery and production processes. Reducing costs is a fundamental part of business, and being able to restore parts and components saves on the expense of having to buy a brand new part.

Leussink specialises in the production and repair of power transmissions to ‘as new’ condition. Whether you require a bespoke solution or need to replace a part or system that is no longer in production, we will work with you to design and build the type of power transmission that does the job you expect it to.

Our approach to a project goes beyond just solving the immediate problem. With every project we’re involved in we include a touch of foresight, meaning we look towards the future to see any possible issues that may occur which could be avoided through analysis of use and/or recommendations for preventative care.

Our world-class facilities are set up to accommodate a variety of different sized transmissions. From ones only requiring hand lift assemblies, to those needing an overhead crane with a 30-tonne capacity, we have the space and equipment to create and assemble everything in-house. We also have access to heavier mobile cranes should the project require it.

power transmission

Reverse Engineering

Across all manner of industries, there are machines that can run 24/7 for months on end, repeating the same process over and over again. This type of high-end use means parts and accessories are going to need to be replaced on a regular basis, and in some cases major components as well. Given the potential life span of some machinery, by the time a major part is required, it may no longer be in production or may be too expensive to replace. This is where Leussink’s engineering team and skilled machinists really shine.

Our design team delivers high-end reverse-engineered components through the use of state-of-the-art scanning and datapoint collection metrology equipment. Using only the best and most accurate equipment we are able to collect all the necessary data, and have it imported directly in to our CAD software, where a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be conducted for optimal performance and lifecycle. It’s at this point where our engineers can make adjustments to the design in order to increase efficiency and add value to the project, prior to putting the component in to production.

With reverse engineering you never have to worry about your machinery becoming too old to get replacement parts or have repairs and maintenance carried out. Our engineers are able to use the data obtained to design and manufacture parts to exacting standards.

Part Qualification & Verification

A factor of our business that we are extremely proud of is our desire to be 100% accurate with everything that we do. We have stringent quality assurance measures in place as part of our manufacturing and machining services that we wear as a badge of honour. One such part of that process is our Part Qualification and Verification service.

Through the use of our digital Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) we are able to deliver a comprehensive dimensional report on any mechanical assembly or individual component. We are then able to compare the results with those of the OEM specifications, meaning we can deliver an easy to read Pass/Fail reporting structure, so that a quick inspection will be able to provide information that will help pinpoint where any problems may exist.

Our part qualification & verification process compares the specifications of a manufactured part with that of the OEM’s specifications to ensure tolerances and measurements are exact.

Material Storage & Logistics

At Leussink, we believe that efficiency is the key to everything we do, whether it be designing a part from scratch; working out how a component will be able to reduce production times or how it can help increase the life cycle of a machine through careful planning and design. This is a theme that is carried in to the way we stock our materials for projects. We understand there will be times when an urgent project arises and having the available material in-stock at a client’s time of need, means problems can be solved faster. Which is why we carry large quantities of raw materials in varying sizes and grades to meet demand.

When it comes to the logistical requirements of our business, as with every other element within Leussink, efficiency is the key ingredient to making it work. This is why we have our very own logistic division that handles all deliveries. Our processes have been honed over decades to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the truck to the factory.

To ensure a full-service offering, our material storage & logistics service means we endeavour to have a broad range of materials in stock for faster turn-arounds, while having control of delivery through our own logistics division means we are not reliant on third party companies to transport delicate machinery.

Equipment Redesign & Upgrade

Throughout our decades of experience, we have fought hard and succeeded in establishing ourselves as market leaders in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commission of specialised machinery, that has been designed to meet and exceed the specifications and needs of our clients. From portable handheld units to large format heavy machinery, our highly trained and experienced engineers have the ability and skills to create equipment to meet your needs.

Their talents also extend to the rejuvenation (redesign) and reinvention (upgrade) of older or de-commissioned equipment. Our engineers can completely redesign a piece of equipment from the ground up, which may include the installation of the latest state of the art controls including integration of the latest compatible software. With the help of Leussink, we will have your old equipment looking and running like it was assembled and installed just yesterday.

Our equipment redesign & upgrade service means Leussink can bring back to life your old and de-commissioned machinery by dragging them in to the modern day through the incorporation of new technology, including compatible software.


Urgent Breakdown Service

Every so often there is going to be a time when a piece of machinery decides it has had enough and stops working. This is why Leussink has an urgent breakdown response service. We’ll be there for you when your machinery decides to take an unspecified ‘leave of absence’ when you really need it the most.

There are going to be times when everything is running smoothly, and you can schedule the next service of your machinery. There are going to be times when you need to take a machine offline to be repaired or serviced, but you have a back-up to keep production moving. Then there are going to be those times when everything just falls apart and you have absolutely no back-up to pick-up the slack of the downed machine, deadlines and quotas are fast approaching, and you don’t know where to turn. For that kind of situation, you can turn to Leussink.

We understand those emergency situations where sending the machine or part offsite is not an option in practicality nor time constraints. This is why we have a dedicated emergency response team to help you in those moments where your machinery needs to have been fixed yesterday.