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Jigging, bending, pressing, punching…it’s not a workout when it’s a Demmeler. Available to buy now from Leussink.

A Demmeler Modular Fixturing Solution not only helps your business achieve a quick return on investment, it also increases productivity. Get your business on the fast track to growth with a Demmeler welding & fixturing table from Leussink, and you’ll not only enjoy faster set up and turnaround times on projects, but also improved accuracy, quality and efficiency while eliminating time consuming rework.


German precision with a local Australian touch. Demmeler welding tables now available for sale in Sydney.

Leussink is the sole partner and distributor of Demmeler precision welding and fabrication systems in Australia, including the vast range of Demmeler accessories. Demmeler’s high quality, German made modular fixturing tables and accessories are bolstered by added research and development by the team at Leussink. In fact, we put the Demmeler Modular Fixturing System through its paces daily in our very own workshop.


Industry leading Demmeler sales, service and support with Leussink.

When you buy a Demmeler Modular Fixturing Solution through Leussink you won't just get a welding table. We arm you with a modular fabrication solution that is tailored to your business needs, from the design of your system right through to after sales services, which includes implementation, training and continued support from the Demmeler range of accessories. Together, Demmeler and Leussink delivers a market leading, world-class fixturing and precision welding solution for Australian businesses. You can deal direct with Leussink to order your Demmeler Modular Fixturing System and all Demmeler accessories.



We immediately saw that the Demmeler tables were delivering vastly improved accuracy and control over what had been a cumbersome, time-consuming process using traditional flat-bed fabrication tables. The Demmeler system makes it a lot easier to put pipe spools together accurately and efficiently

Austal Limited, WA

Unrivalled Demmeler OEM accessories.

When you purchase a Demmeler modular fixturing system from Leussink you also get access to an extensive range of world-leading and innovative accessories, including table leg systems, rail systems, floor plates, clamping plates, clamping pins, stops, spacer blocks, supports, angles, bolts, cleaning products and much more.

Designed and built to withstand decades of heavy-duty wear and tear, a Leussink modular welding solution can be configured with the appropriate tooling kit to suit any workshop or production environment. Imagine components that can be added or adjusted in seconds, with no limits on the sizes or combinations of fixtures.

Every piece can be quickly set-up, moved and clamped in any direction that’s needed. Demmeler bolts are hardened to withstand a high clamping force and have an ergonomically knurled bolt head for fast one-hand operation, allowing your staff more freedom, while also increasing efficiency.

Additionally, no part is ever obsolete, meaning all the parts from the first design designs through to the latest versions fit all on all tables. From beginner to expert there is a tool set to fulfil your requirements. You can individually assemble or supplement your existing sets with the large selection of accessories offered by Demmeler. No job is too big or too small for this modular fixturing system. There is a solution for everyone.