Fleet vehicle modification experts use Demmeler table system for accuracy

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Client: Minecorp Australia

Industry: Fleet vehicle modification

Brisbane-based Minecorp Australia is an industry leader in fleet vehicle modification, working across many industry sectors, including military & government, mining & resources, construction & civil, services & utilities, and hire leasing and dealers.

Minecorp designs, manufactures, and installs fleet modifications for commercial fleets around Australia as well as subcontracted component manufacture. All the R&D work and manufacturing takes place at its Brisbane premises, along with national partners that conduct vehicle modifications around Australia.

Minecorp is part of the RMA Group, a leading automotive, equipment, services, and food conglomerate in Southeast Asia & beyond.

When Minecorp was first established, its focus was on the mining industry. But in recent years that focus has broadened. Minecorp has since expanded into other commercial fleet
markets using its years of experience in the mining industry, which requires a high level of accuracy and compliance, and dealing with a harsh environment.

Minecorp places a high level of importance on its R&D and engineering capability and technical knowledge, and its ability to customise products.

Need to get jig production right

Minecorp has used the Demmeler table system from Leussink for more than 10 years to manufacture jigs for products and prototypes in its R&D division.

“The fact that we bought the two Demmeler tables more than 10 years ago and have not had to replace them is testament to their quality,” said Minecorp Australia’s Business Manager, Sheree Lamont.

The company uses the Demmeler tables and accessories to firstly produce prototypes for clients, including roll-over protection systems (ROPS), tray bodies, tool & service boxes, and vehicle accessories.

Once the design is finalised for a client, the Demmeler system is used to produce a jig that will then be used over and over to manufacture the item.

“By manufacturing our jigs, we free up the table for other work, particularly for R&D and prototypes,” said Lamont.

For example, in the manufacture of the roll-over protection systems (ROPS) for a vehicle, a jig is used to ensure the tubing is in the right place and is cut and fabricated accurately to fit. “The jig needs to be made accurately so we get the same result every time,” said Lamont.

Minecorp’s R&D team uses the Demmeler system to produce new jigs several times a year. Many of the jigs, which can cost up to $40,000 to manufacture, get used repeatedly and are stored in purpose-built racking to be accessed as required. Minecorp produces new jigs when new model vehicles are released.

“The Demmeler system allows us to get it right the first time, every time by producing new jigs for new products,” said Lamont.


Lamont says that the Demmeler welding & fixturing system is also essential in creating accurate prototypes for new and existing clients.

“Our R&D guys go straight to the Demmeler table when a new prototype is required. They know that the corners will be perfect with a square edge every time,” she added.

“We also use a range of Demmeler accessories, that have been supplied by Leussink over the years, with the system. These include table extensions, clamps, angles, and tooling that allow us to ensure accurate and effective design and measurement.

“Leussink has provided advice over those years to ensure we have the latest accessories to get the most out of our system,” added Lamont.

Strong focus on safety

Minecorp Australia has a strong focus on safety. This starts with safe work practices that are part of an extensive internal safety system.

“The Demmeler system is part of that safety system because when a staff member is using the table and the jigs, they are not taking shortcuts,” said Lamont.

With its products, Minecorp also focuses on safety, with items like ROPS that are put into a vehicle to protect the occupants. Once again, the quality and accuracy are paramount.

Work in the defence sector

Minecorp, as the name suggests, was originally focused primarily on the mining industry, but has since diversified. The company started working in the defence sector about five years ago, working both directly with the Department of Defence, and through the Department’s Prime contractors.

“When working with the Department of Defence you need a high level of compliance and quality. We already had that from our mining experience. We understand the need for quality and producing items that will operate in harsh environments and remote locations,” said Lamont. Recently Minecorp Australia supported Rheinmettal with fabrication of components for the Land Forces 2021 tradeshow in Brisbane. As there were a number of custom parts, the Demmeler table was an essential engineering tool to establish the correct dimensions and aid in fabrication.

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