Location: New South Wales

Customer: Brian Tanti

Industry: Automotive

Brian Tanti, an internationally respected car restorer, coach builder, television presenter and public speaker is widely regarded as a leading voice in the classic car industry in Australia. His workshop, located in the Sydney suburb of Artarmon, is a homage to vintage care restoration. Here, Brian not only restores cars, often reproducing parts that are impossible to purchase, he also holds regular events for fellow car enthusiasts.

Partnering with Leussink

Brian Tanti first discovered Leussink’s Demmeler table system several years ago when he was setting up a workshop for his then employer Lindsay Fox. When he parted ways with Fox in 2018, he contacted Leussink to assist with the set up of his new workshop in Sydney.

Brian Tanti’s Workshop, as the business is now known, restores globally collectible vehicles worth millions of dollars, requiring Brian to produce parts and complete repairs to an elite standard. All of Tanti’s work is completely bespoke, so he required a versatile fixturing table solution to hold and fix parts in place that was accurate and dependable.

As Brian creates replacement parts from scratch using wooden formers, which he designs the structure around, the tools and equipment he uses must be of the highest quality.

A versatile and agile fixturing solution

The Demmeler fixturing table system that Tanti uses is versatile and agile, allowing him to hold and fix car components, as well as hammer forming parts. This not only saves him time, but allows him to be creative in solving problems, and to complete tasks that would not be possible without the table.

As well as holding and fixing, Brian Tanti’s Workshop uses the matrix of the table to help with design. This has enabled him to print 3D tools and then copy them into the matrix of the table. Tanti is also a qualified coach builder, a trade that harks back to the days when wealthy people commissioned the building of a coach to be pulled by a horse. Tanti uses his coach building skills in hand-making parts for cars. “The Demmeler system holds the metal sheet in place while I give it form,” he says. “Back in the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, there were a lot of handmade cars, so it’s quite authentic to be producing parts in this way.”

The product that keeps on giving

Tanti is effusive in his praise for the Demmeler table system and the ongoing service he receives from Leussink. “The more I use the Demmeler table, the more uses I find for it. For me, it’s the product that keeps on giving”.

Leussink’s 3D clamping and welding solutions are ideal for car restoration projects, enabling workflow to become more streamlined and effortless, without compromising on quality and accuracy. The versatile set up and modular design enables expansion in scale with your business.

Leussink’s clamping system, specifically its ability to support and ensure any part regardless of size is firmly secured, increases safety and protection in Tanti’s workplace. “From my experience of Leussink, they don’t just sell products and step away,” he explains. “The engineers at Leussink provide problem-solving capability and personal insights for my business. Their advice has helped me with the digitising of 3D objects and then generating new parts. “They recently assisted with the restoration of an old German power hammer which adds a layer of authenticity when I’m restoring vintage German cars.

“Many fellow car restorers who visit my workshop are amazed at how scalable and cost effective a Demmeler solution can be. I’ve told them that it is a very affordable system that suits most situations and is so versatile that it pays for itself.”