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Location: Victoria

Customer: Vawdrey Australia

Industry: Transportation


Vawdrey Australia is bucking the trend in the shrinking manufacturing sector and continues to be a leading manufacturer of truck trailers and bodies and associated transport equipment. At its outer Melbourne facility in Dandenong, Vawdrey designs and manufactures equipment that is custom made for the unique conditions found in the Australian operating environment.


The family owned enterprise employs 400 people around Australia and delivers trailers and truck bodies that:

  • meet the highest standards of design and finish;
  • deliver superior levels of productivity and safety; and
  • are backed up by nation-wide service and support.


Vawdrey’s clients include some of Australia’s largest fleet owners, to single-vehicle owner-operators. The company works closely with its clients to understand their individual business needs in order to design the most appropriate solution.


Robot acquisition led Vawdrey to Leussink and the Demmeler 3D System

When Vawdrey’s Quality & Manufacturing Engineer, Bradley Kent, went in search of a bench for a recently acquired robot being used for welding, he was advised to take a look at the Demmeler modular table system. This led Kent to Wollongong-based Leussink Engineering, the exclusive Australian distributor of the German-made Demmeler modular table system.


“In my role with Vawdrey I’m constantly looking at ways to improve how we manufacture our trailers and truck bodies. When this search led me to acquire a robot for welding, I was impressed when I discovered the way in which the Demmeler system allowed us to clamp the work. “After acquiring our first Demmeler table, we could see more applications for the system and now have three different size tables in our facility. We use the table system for our smaller parts that need jigging like drawbars, mezzanine posts, and of course the robot,” said Kent.


Significant improvement in time saving and accuracy

Before acquiring the Demmeler system, Vawdrey was using a steel bench for the same tasks. “We estimate that we are saving about 20 per cent in the time it takes to manufacture the smaller parts, with the added bonus of accuracy.


“The Demmeler system is more precise, allows us to set up jigs, and clamp anywhere, not just at the sides of the bench. It allows us to repeat the same job over and over and it comes out the same way every time,” added Kent.


Leussink helps Vawdrey get the most out of its Demmeler solution

Leussink worked closely with the Vawdrey management team to ensure they bought the right combination of tables and accessories for their specific work requirements.“The people from Leussink have taught us how to get the most out of the Demmeler system,” said Kent. “Initially, they provided advice on the best tables and accessories, and then provided training.”


“Our guys really love the Demmeler table system,” Kent enthused. “And we’ll certainly consider buying a few more. They really like how they don’t have to constantly reset a job, because once it’s set up it stays in place.” Leussink provides modular fixturing solutions that revolutionise workshops and production facilities around Australia. We don’t just sell you a fixturing table. We provide you with a solution that is tailored to your business needs, from design right through to after sales service, which includes implementation, training and continued support from our wide range of Demmeler accessories.


For a free product demonstration or for more information on how a Demmeler 3D modular system can work for your business, call Russell Brinkworth on 02 4260 7777 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..