The advantages of using a portable CMM arm in metrology applications

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) can intricately and accurately collect measurements of the surface geometry of an object. CMMs are sometimes called articulated measuring arms, or metrology arms. Traditional CMMs are large and cannot be moved, while portable CMMs offer measurement capabilities..... Read More

How to choose the right tools for your modular welding table

The old adage is a man is only as good as his tools. But as any craftsman knows, it’s not good enough to merely have the tools; they have to be the right tools for the specific jobs at hand. Is having a 100-piece tool kit really necessary if you know that all you need is a small selection of speci..... Read More

Partnership with US company ALM Positioners to broaden range

Leussink has built its business on forging strong partnerships, like the one with Germany’s Demmeler and Italy’s Tomelleri. Leussink is now partnering with US company ALM Positioners to bring a range of positioners to the Australian market. Positioners, which are also sometimes called manipulat..... Read More

Introducing the new Demmeler Smart Toolbox

Owners and users of Demmeler welding tables, or similar premium modular fixturing tables, are well aware of how versatile and functional they are for busy workshops. In the case of the industry-leading modular fixturing tables from German company Demmeler, a big part of that versatility and fun..... Read More