Owners and users of Demmeler welding tables, or similar premium modular fixturing tables, are well aware of how versatile and functional they are for busy workshops.

In the case of the industry-leading modular fixturing tables from German company Demmeler, a big part of that versatility and functionality comes from the extensive range of tools and accessories available to use with the table.

It’s one of the reasons why everyone from global shipbuilders and leading car restorers to truck trailer manufacturers and balustrade manufacturers have Demmeler welding tables in their workshops.

A man is only as good as his tools. But what good are tools if they’re not well organised and able to quickly and easily be found when they’re needed? This is particularly critical in a busy commercial workshop where time is money and precise accuracy is critical.

What could be more efficient and organised than having all of your most-used welding table accessories within quick reach right under your Demmeler table. Just imagine how much more productive your team would be if they didn’t spend time looking for the tools they need and walking back and forth to fetch them.

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Organise your Demmeler accessories and reduce job time

Demmeler recently launched an innovative storage system for Demmeler welding table owners that tackles this problem head on by providing an intuitive way to store and access all tools and accessories used with the Demmeler table.

The Demmeler Smart Toolbox helps Demmeler users to organise and store their tools flexibly and conveniently, enabling you to have all your clamping accessories on hand by your welding table.

With the Demmeler Smart Toolbox there’s no need to leave your table to retrieve that tool you need. Instead, simply reach under your Demmeler welding table, open your Smart Toolbox, and grab the piece you need.

With robust drawer base units made from sheet steel and offering generous storage space, the Demmeler Smart Toolbox protects your essential tools while also keeping them within easy reach.

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All Demmeler accessories on hand

The Demmeler Smart Toolbox is available in a two-drawer and a three drawer model. Its maximum load capacity is 125kg, with each drawer having a recommended load capacity of approximately 50kg.

The Demmeler Smart Toolbox is installed by attaching it to the underside of your Demmeler welding table, putting all your most-used Demmeler accessories within easy reach. It is easily installed using the table’s system bore holes.

The dimensions of the draws are 450mm x 500mm, while the drawer heights are 180mm (two-drawer version) and 80mm/80mm/180mm for the three-drawer version. Each drawer also features a rubber mat anti-slip insert to keep your tools and accessories protected, as well as a soft close system for quiet and smooth opening and closing.

While providing more than ample storage space, the versatile Demmeler Smart Toolbox also protects your tools and small parts from dirt and weld spatters. All drawers can also be locked.

A Demmeler Smart Toolbox for all welding tables

 It’s worth noting that the Demmeler Smart Toolbox isn’t just for Demmeler branded welding tables. If you’ve got a modular welding table from another manufacturer we can work with you to supply and install a Demmeler Smart Toolbox onto your table.

Leussink: for all your Demmeler welding table needs

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