Leussink has built its business on forging strong partnerships, like the one with Germany’s Demmeler and Italy’s Tomelleri. Leussink is now partnering with US company ALM Positioners to bring a range of positioners to the Australian market.

Positioners, which are also sometimes called manipulators, clamp an item in position and allow 360° rotation of parts to eliminate heavy lifting and allow for more comfortable welding.

“ALM positioners can lift parts weighing from 450kg to 56,700kg.

The new partnership will work with the existing Demmeler modular fixturing system to bring accuracy and safety together. The two systems combined allow users to hold and position multiple parts with one modular kit.

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No local Australian supplier for quality positioners

Leussink has been working with Demmeler for nearly 30 years and has not found a local supplier who can provide the type of product their clients seek. The Demmeler 3D workbench and welding table is a versatile jig and fixtures system for all types of welding and fabrication work. 

Leussink was approached by a client who wanted to be able to hold work in place while welding. They fabricate large trailers in their workshop and by using a positioner and the Demmeler system they can achieve the ideal of down-hand welding with safety and accuracy. When paired with an ALM Positioner, it can bring a whole new level of safety and accuracy to the workshop because the work can be held in place firmly and rotated.

The use of a positioner like those manufactured in the US by ALM optimise worker safety and ergonomics by letting motors and hydraulics do the heavy lifting.

In many workshops, the lifting is done using sawhorses, a crane and brute force to manoeuvre a weldment into the proper position. They can also eliminate the need for welders or assemblers to use ladders, scaffolding or other equipment to climb on a part or lie under it.

ALM Positioners can hold up to 56 tonnes

ALM positioners can lift parts weighing from 450kg to 56,700kg and rotate or tilt them to the desired position in seconds.

Like much of Leussink’s work, the pairing of Demmeler and ALM products is not an off-the-shelf product. Leussink works with clients to understand their requirements and develop a custom solution to fit their unique situation. The company can also supply just the ALM Positioner product if that’s the best solution.

Precision with Demmeler system

The Demmeler system is precise. It allows the user to set up jigs, and clamp anywhere. It means that the same job can be repeated over and over and it comes out the same way every time.

“The Demmeler 3D workbench and welding table is a versatile jig and fixtures system for all types of welding and fabrication work.”

The stoppers and clamps are set up at the start of the process, which holds the job in place for welding. Once the job is locked in, it doesn’t move at all because it can’t, and this really speeds up fabrication time and improves accuracy. When used in conjunction with the ALM Positioner, the job can be held firmly in place and rotated to wherever it is required.

Demmeler used with CAD software

Coupled with 3D CAD software, the Demmeler clamping system can be utilised to reproduce virtual jigs. 3D coordinate measuring machines, laser measuring systems, and optical test equipment are used for this purpose to ensure the high precision requirements of the products. This allows users to keep designs electronically and use templates over and over, meaning less storage of physical jigs that take up valuable shelf space.

The use of 3D software ensures the same level of accuracy every time, which means an item can be reproduced faster and more efficiently.