The old adage is a man is only as good as his tools. But as any craftsman knows, it’s not good enough to merely have the tools; they have to be the right tools for the specific jobs at hand. Is having a 100-piece tool kit really necessary if you know that all you need is a small selection of specific tools that you regularly use on most jobs?

While a man is only as good as his tools, the same can be said about modular welding and fixturing solutions, such as those designed and built by German industry leader, Demmeler. If you use a modular welding table or are considering purchasing one for your workshop, it’s important to think beyond just the table itself.

While the table is the chassis for your work, it’s the tools and accessories that enable you to do the work. So think carefully and choose your accessories wisely; don’t be talked into buying every accessory on offer.

Demmeler tools and accessories for all modular welding tables

One of the best features of a quality designed and manufactured modular welding table is the sheer range of jobs it enables welders, engineers, and metal fabricators to precisely execute. But to get the most out of your modular welding table you’ll need a suite of quality tools and accessories that will enable you to unlock the full potential of your table.

“All German-crafted Demmeler tools and accessories can be used with all modular welding tables, regardless of brand.”

It’s important to note that all German-crafted Demmeler tools and accessories can be used with all modular welding tables, regardless of brand or where you purchased your table from.

This means that Leussink can work with you to help you get the most out of your existing modular welding table using industry leading and innovative tools from Demmeler, the global name in modular welding tables. Demmeler offers the widest range of tools and accessories for modular welding tables. And like Demmeler tables themselves, Demmeler accessories are precisely designed with an emphasis on quality and functionality.

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Choose the tools you need, in a kit or individually, from Leussink

Every workshop uses its modular welding table differently, so having to purchase full accessories kit may not be practical for many users. When buying Demmeler tools and accessories you have the choice of buying a kit, or buying the individual items you need.

Buying in a kit can save money if all the accessories meet your needs, and we have a range of kits available. However, with Leussink it’s all about choice. And if you don’t need a full kit then we can work with you to provide advice on the best individual accessories to invest in to suit your specific workshop needs.

As a trusted partner to welders, engineers, and metal fabricators, Leussink works closely with organisations throughout Australia to supply the individual modular welding table tools and accessories that they need for their specific jobs.

For some Demmeler owners, picking and choosing only the tools and accessories that you really need makes more business sense as it will be more cost-effective and practical. Unlike other suppliers of welding and fabrication accessories, with Leussink you can choose to buy your accessories individually or in a kit. The choice is yours.

This accessory customisation is a core part of our service to modular welding table users. It’s one of the reasons why leading companies such as Austal, a publicly listed, billion-dollar Western Australian shipbuilder and defence prime contractor, chose Leussink for their modular welding needs.

A secure and convenient storage solution for your tools

Demmeler can also help you to organise, secure and safely and conveniently store your modular welding table tools and accessories within easy reach via the Demmeler Smart Toolbox.

The Demmeler Smart Toolbox isn’t just for Demmeler branded welding tables. If you use a modular welding table from another manufacturer, Leussink can work with you to supply and install a Demmeler Smart Toolbox onto your existing table.

The Demmeler Smart Toolbox attaches to the underside of your modular welding table, using the table’s system bore holes, and puts all of your most-used tools and accessories within easy reach.

> Available in a two-drawer and three-drawer model, the Demmeler Smart Toolbox has a maximum load capacity of 125kg, with each drawer having a recommended load capacity of approximately 50kg. The dimensions of the draws are 450mm x 500mm, while the drawer heights are 180mm (two-drawer version) and 80mm/80mm/180mm for the three-drawer version.

While providing more than ample storage space, the versatile Demmeler Smart Toolbox also protects your tools and small parts from dirt and weld spatters. All drawers can also be locked.

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