Welding tables provide a range of benefits beyond just having a stable (and safe) base for undertaking welding work. So how do you know which welding table is right for your workshop?

Sure, a traditional welding table gets the job done, but it will only take you so far. If you really want to maximise the profitability and efficiency of your business, then you should consider a modular welding system.

Welder working on a component clamped to a modular welding table.

A modular welding table not only provides a welder with a stable surface to work on, but it can also be used for a range of other tasks such as squaring corners, gauging, measuring, mounting, bending brakes and jigs, and more.

Modular welding systems take welding efficiency to the next level, with surfaces that can be adjusted so you can achieve precision in your welding, a choice of leg options for static or mobile work, and a full range of fixturing components including various sizes of angles, bolts, clamps and more.

So, let’s explore how a modular welding system can add value to your business through:
• Accuracy
• Versatility
• Strength
• Comfort and safety
• Cost effectiveness

1. A modular welding table enhances workplace safety

Welding is an occupation that often requires a person to assume awkward body postures, hold a position for a relatively long period of time, and endure heavy lifting. These issues can lead to fatigue and injury.

Modular welding tables can be adjusted to suit various heights to allow welders to work ergonomically, removing unnecessary strain on their back or other muscles. By helping welders maintain good posture during this physically demanding work, you are protecting their health and minimising any downtime on projects.

2. A modular welding table delivers better accuracy

Modular welding tables provide a degree of accuracy that simply can’t be replicated by any other method. Measures and angles are precise, ensuring your work is accurate, more consistent and looks its best. The lengths, holes and components are made with precision, giving the user a very high degree of accuracy. Pieces can easily be clamped to your table to ensure exact measurements and optimum positioning.

Elaborate and costly conventional fixtures become a thing of the past with a modular welding system. When coupled with 3D CAD software, you can create virtual jigs and enjoy an even higher level of accuracy every time, so an item can be reproduced faster and more efficiently. Your virtual jigs can then be stored electronically for recurring jobs and repeatedly use templates. This means you no longer need to store physical jigs, which will free up valuable workspace in your workshop.

3. A modular welding table provides versatility

Modular welding tables come in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of any business or industry. Being modular, they can be easily extended and connected to ensure your table set up is ideal for the job you’re performing.

With a modular welding system, you can also choose the footing you need to suit your welding work. From standard static table legs to mobile legs with lockable castors, or even scissor lift bases for continuously variable height adjustments at the touch of a button.

What’s more, with the range of accessories available, your modular welding table can be customised to your suit each and every need. The universal stops and PC bolts allow you to clamp components into a wide range of precise measures and angles, and unusual or complex shapes can be fixed to the table with ease.

The adaptability of a good modular welding system means you have one solution for all your projects.

4. A modular welding table is a strong workbench

Never underestimate the strength, stability, and safety that a modular welding table provides. Welders are using tools that operate at extremely high temperatures, so there’s molten metal, sparks, and sometimes hazardous debris.

Modular welding tables are manufactured to take a beating. Made of carbon steel, they have a surface that provides heat resistance, and won’t warp or buckle during your job. They are an extremely robust, durable and stable workbench; designed to handle the toughest of welding jobs while providing the welder optimal safety and accuracy in their work.

5. A modular welding table is cost effective

A good quality modular welding table is a great investment for businesses that undertake ongoing welding work as it helps make your workshop and team more efficient. Set ups are completed faster and work is more precise and accurate. And the faster you’re able to turn around projects of high quality, the easier it will be to pick up new welding projects. Your return on investment will be achieved quickly and your productivity will increase. A good modular welding table will last for many years when cared for properly.

Many businesses find renting a table, rather than purchasing, to be sufficient. This may be the case if storage space is limited, the table is only required for a limited time, or if the return on investment of a purchase is not likely to be reached for some time. Renting also allows your business to use the most up to date table available when you need it.

How Leussink can help

Leussink is the sole partner and distributor of Demmeler precision welding and fabrication systems in Australia, including the vast range of Demmeler accessories. Demmeler’s high quality, German made modular welding tables and accessories are bolstered by added research and development by the team at Leussink. In fact, we put the Demmeler Modular Fixturing System through its paces daily in our very own engineering workshop.

Demmeler welding tables can be purchased outright or rented through Leussink. We stock a wide range of tables to suit all your welding needs and can tailor a Demmeler modular welding system to suit your industry requirements.

When you buy a Demmeler modular welding solution through Leussink your business will benefit from a range of great after sales services, including assistance with set up, training and implementation, ongoing sales and technical support, and access to the full range of Demmeler accessories.

Learn more about how our customers have benefited from a Demmeler modular welding system, or contact us today for a quote.