Fourth year Apprentice Fitter & Machinist Aiden Sheil says he likes working for Leussink because he feels like he fits in, everyone gets along, and he knows he can always ask questions about his work.

Aiden joined Leussink as an apprentice straight after finishing Year 11. Currently studying his Certificate III in Mechanical Engineering at North Wollongong TAFE, Aiden will complete his apprenticeship in January 2023.

Apprentice fitter working a machine in an engineering workshop.

“While I was at school, I undertook work experience with a number of companies including Leussink. When I arrived at Leussink for work experience in 2019 I felt it ticked all the boxes so when they offered me the role I took it,” said Aiden.

When Aiden was in his third year at TAFE he won ‘Apprentice of the Year’ which is something he said he would not have achieved without Leussink as his employer.

“I never get bored in my role because there’s often something new and different to work on. I’m currently working on the CNC lathe, but I’ve also worked in other parts of the factory and received on the job training,” added Aiden.

“My advice to any other young people who like to work with their hands is to try out different options through work experience. Not everyone is cut out for Uni or staying at school until the end of Year 12. In my job, you get to use your brain as well as your hands.

“Leussink has a friendly, family feel and I plan to stay after I complete my apprenticeship next year. It’s also great to work close to home for a local company,” concluded Aiden.

Leussink is a family-owned and operated business, starting out in the kitchen and garage of Carel and Muriel Leussink’s home in 1977. The business is now run by the second generation of Leussink’s and led by son Jason, who as Managing Director still lives and breathes engineering.

“We employ, train, and promote apprentices because they are the future of Australian manufacturing. We’re proud of our track record of producing award-winning young professionals who are at the top of their field before completion of their apprenticeship,” said Jason.

“Our aim is for apprentices like Aiden to become long-term Leussink business family members. Leussink’s apprentices including Aiden have won TAFE Student of the Year Awards and are regularly nominated for both NSW and Australian WorldSkills teams.

“We treat every employee as a stakeholder and all Leussink staff are encouraged to promote Leussink for the betterment of all, giving all team members ‘skin in the game’.

“We also employ local people wherever possible from the Illawarra region, where we are based, as well as from around Australia. We currently employ 43 staff and half of them have been employed at Leussink for more than 25 years,” said Jason.

2022 Illawarra Schools Careers Expo

Leussink will be attending the Illawarra Schools Careers Expo on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 May. If you know someone who may be interested in a metal trade apprenticeship, make sure you visit us at the expo for a chat with our team.