Close up shot of a portable CMM in action.


We’ve been in business for 45 years and one of the biggest lessons we’ve learnt in operating our workshop is to use the right machine for the right job. While there are situations where a machine can do more than one job, we firmly believe that a machine should be utilised in the way intended to accomplish its key task.

Take CNC machining for example. We’ve heard of machining shops using their CNC machine to undertake measuring and qualifying tasks, but we believe that these types of roles shouldn't be completed on CNC machines. Why? A CNC machine is meant to be producing components or parts. When it is completing measuring tasks this means that you are losing productivity because you are using a machine to achieve a task that is not its intended purpose.

At Leussink, our CNC machines are fully utilised for production. All our measuring and qualifying tasks are completed off-machine to ensure our CNC lathes are always functioning as tasked.

Why should a CNC machine be used for production rather than measuring?

The main reason is because of the downtime of the CNC machine when it's measuring. This means it's not producing parts, so the machine is not productive. Qualifying and measuring should be done off the CNC machine so it can keep working and earning money.

As well as the lost machine time, CNC machines are designed to be cutting machines, not measuring machines, meaning they do a great job cutting, and a mediocre job when measuring parts.

The probe in the CNC machine is designed to control the size, not to measure the workpiece. CNC part probing provides an indication of part size variation, and part presence, rather than as an inspection for specification compliance on a finished part.

Tomelleri Mercury portable measuring arm sitting on a workbench with a blurred workshop behind it.

What should I use in my workshop for measuring?

It makes more sense to use a piece of equipment that is designed to measure parts accurately and efficiently.

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) can intricately and accurately collect measurements of the surface geometry of an object. CMMs are sometimes called articulated measuring arms, or metrology arms.

Traditional CMMs are large and cannot be moved, while portable CMMs offer measurement capabilities that are more flexible, convenient and allow for measurements at the job site.

Hand tools such as calipers and micrometers are restricted to taking simple measurements for basic parts, such as distance from point A to B. Portable CMMs, on the other hand, are flexible measurement tools that provide more accurate and detailed information. They make the quality control process much more efficient, while obtaining a greater degree of accuracy.

With a portable CMM arm like the Tomelleri Mercury, you can complete your qualifying and measuring off the CNC machine. Many of our clients have seen a return on their investment in a portable CMM within three months, purely because they no longer have CNC machine downtime.

The 1.8m Mercury arm is lightweight and portable making it ideal for small workshops to complete measuring away from your CNC machine.

CMM measuring with Leussink

Leussink is the sole distributor of Tomelleri metrology arms in Australia and New Zealand. We offer a full range of Tomelleri products and accessories, compatible CMM software, and Demmeler welding tables to provide a whole system that works together.

At Leussink, we don’t just sell a metrology arm and send our customers on their way. Our team of experts assist in setting up the arm and software, demonstrate how to use the equipment to take advantage of its best features, and support customers with ongoing training, accessories, calibration services, technical support and more.

Through extensive knowledge and decades of experience, Leussink provides engineering solutions for the Australian market that stand the test of time. We work with our clients to capitalise on efficiencies and productivity, without compromising quality and accuracy.

For more information on Leussink’s CMM arms contact us on 02 4260 7777 or visit our website.