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There is no better way to understand your customer’s requirements than to spend a “day in their shoes”. And as a train enthusiast, Leussink’s Stuart Ward valued and enjoyed his recent visit to the NSW Rail Museum at Thirlmere.

“Whilst I’m not in a position to man the tools, a visit to one of our most iconic customers, Transport Heritage’s Rail Museum is a sight to behold. The day I spent with them gave me the opportunity to really understand how they operate and the engineering challenges that they face. Their staff are passionate about the roles they play in restoring some of the greatest engineering feats of the Australian transport industry.

“The expert craftsmen restore heritage locomotives to their former glory, and it can only be fully appreciated when you get to spend time in the workshop and talk to the people conducting the work,” said Ward.

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The Museum regularly employs Leussink’s engineering services and experience in this space. When there are no drawings available, reconditioning is reliant on the skills and ingenuity of the team. Leussink is part of that team as we engage with heritage staff, collaborating on projects to deliver the tools and components required to get the job done.