The upcoming National Manufacturing Week (NMW) presents a great opportunity for the Leussink Engineering team to connect with key players in the Australian manufacturing sector and showcase our capabilities.

NMW is destined for Melbourne in mid-May with the fitting theme of “Industrial Evolution”, and the Leussink team is looking forward to contributing to its success.

Manufacturing in Australia has certainly undergone a transformation, or “Industrial Evolution”, in recent decades. We are moving to making products that depend on excellence rather than volume, as well as niche manufacturing involving the production of small batches of specialised products. We are also seeing a trend to connected manufacturing, which couples manufacturing with digital technology.

The CSIRO has predicted that, “over the next 20 years, Australia’s manufacturing industry will evolve into a highly integrated, collaborative and export-focused ecosystem that provides high-value customised solutions within global value chains”. This will require the sector to focus on adding value to pre-production (via design and R&D) and post-production (via after-sales services).

Where does Leussink fit into the Australian manufacturing sector?

From machining parts that keep the most trusted piece of machinery working, to creating bespoke fabricated products from high quality materials, we pride ourselves on creating outcomes that will assimilate with our clients’ businesses.

Whether your requirement is small or massive, we can help. We can build your own design, or our experienced engineers can work with you to understand your requirement and then design and build it for you. We’ve done lots of this kind of work in the manufacturing sector and look forward to the challenges of more.

What will we show you at NMW?

AT NMW 2019 we will demonstrate the Demmeler modular fixturing table and how it can work for you. A modular table developed by Leussink is a key component for improving quality and speed while significantly reducing labour costs.

Designed and built to withstand decades of heavy-duty wear and tear, the Leussink modular welding table can be configured with the appropriate tooling kit to suit any workshop or production environment. From the manufacturing of the smallest items right up to ship building, a Leussink welding table is a great asset for any manufacturer that wants to boost their output.

Throughout NMW this year our team will also be able to provide expert opinion on the rest of the Demmeler range, as well as our other services developed specifically to cater for the manufacturing environment.

Who is Demmeler?

German company Demmeler manufactures durable, versatile and high quality welding and fixturing products that are used all over the world. Leussink Engineering is the exclusive representative of Demmeler Germany in Australia.

Our lengthy partnership with Demmeler includes complete sales, support, accessories, hire and warranty of Demmeler Germany’s 3D Clamping Systems and Manipulators. We also offer Demmeler’s world-class 3D Welding Systems, designed to fixture any part for fabrication and assembly.


We don’t just sell equipment at Leussink. We partner with our clients to ensure we are solving their problems. This includes assisting with flexible finance because we understand that in manufacturing industry companies often have to ramp up quickly – and ramp down just as fast.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.