What is bespoke mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering focused on the design, construction, and use of machines. Bespoke mechanical engineering is all about engineering custom-designed and custom-built solutions that precisely solve very specific engineering challenges.

One example of this is our recent work with Post Straightener, a mobile business that travels across Australia straightening bent fence posts for farmers and other agricultural businesses using a solution from Leussink.

Leussink partnered with Post Straightener founder, Daryl Irving, to help further refine, develop and commercialise this innovative idea. Through our mechanical engineering knowledge, we helped Daryl design a highly efficient solution that enabled him to grow and expand his business to the point that he now manufactures and sells the machine to other businesses and contractors, rather than just selling the service that the machine provides.

Leussink: Mechanical engineering experts

As specialist bespoke mechanical engineers, Leussink offers a unique range of mechanical engineering solutions, from concept to finished product. The Leussink team boasts extensive experience in the design and production of a wide range of bespoke equipment. We have solved unique engineering problems for companies across a wide range of industries.

We have delivered mechanical engineering solutions for mining and earthmoving machinery, heavy industrial plants, process lines, waste recycling machinery, and rolling mills, to name a few. Our mechanical engineers have significant site and hands-on manufacturing experience, which enables us to deliver safe, hassle-free construction and installation from the factory floor to our client’s sites.

At Leussink, we have the bespoke mechanical engineering knowledge and capability to design objects ranging from individual machine components to large industrial systems for fabrication, fitting, and precision machining. From basic components through to full-scale turnkey machinery and design, we do it all.

Mechanical engineering services at Leussink

Our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team can provide you with a comprehensive range of bespoke mechanical engineering design services. Our collaborative and integrated service includes:

  • consulting and advisory studies;
  • engineering design;
  • advanced analysis;
  • complete manufacture capabilities; and
  • total project management.

We work with customers Australia-wide to deliver optimised, timely, and cost-effective bespoke mechanical engineering solutions that address and solve specific problems. Our work conforms to all relevant Australian and international engineering standards.


Mechanical engineering draftsperson in-house

As part of our bespoke mechanical engineering design offering, we offer full design and drafting services in-house. From concepting to delivering fully detailed manufacturing drawings, our in-house mechanical engineering draftsperson provides comprehensive drafting services.

We can work with you on drafting services such as 3D colour images, files for 3D printing, and 2D line drawings, to name a few. We have provided drafting services for leaders in the manufacturing, mining, steelmaking, and refractory industries.

Whether you require the services of a mechanical engineering draftsperson for large scale projects, such as a full plant layout and design, or for smaller jobs, such as the detailed design of an individual component, we can partner with you to determine the best way forward.

With over four decades of close collaboration between our various divisions, we take a practical approach to all facets of bespoke mechanical engineering design and manufacturing. From drafting a product for our clients using the latest CAD and CAM software, to planning the production run, our mechanical engineering draftsperson will design a tailored solution that maximises efficiencies and reduces your production costs.

Innovative mechanical engineering consultants in NSW

Through thorough research and development, our mechanical engineering consultants deliver innovative solutions that provide customers with the leading edge necessary to stay ahead of the competition. From our base in Wollongong, just south of Sydney, we work with companies in NSW and across Australia.

Our mechanical engineers deliver precise mechanical engineering solutions that are grounded in extensive R&D. That is the basis for how we determine the best solution to your engineering problems – and deliver that solution within your timeframe.

Reverse engineering services

Reverse engineering is one of the key bespoke mechanical engineering services Leussink offers and can be delivered as a standalone project, or as an integral part of our end to end manufacturing process. If you have a part that needs repairing or replacing that is difficult to source or is now obsolete, we can quickly get you up and running again.

Our ability to intimately understand your work enables us to provide industry leading reverse engineering services that deliver bespoke solutions. Using the latest scanning and datapoint collection metrology equipment from Italian industry leader Tomelleri, our design team delivers high-end reverse-engineered components.

We import the collected data directly into CAD, where we can run FEA for optimal performance and life cycle. This allows us to add engineering adjustments, if needed, before manufacturing the part.


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