World-leading metrology solutions

Metrology is one of the most crucial aspects of engineering and manufacturing. It’s the science of measurement. The aim and expectation of metrology is to enforce, validate, and verify predefined standards for traceability, accuracy, reliability, and precision.

Accuracy matters

At Leussink, we understand the necessity of having a metrology system that you can rely on. Giving your team access to a state-of-the-art metrology solution means you are empowering them to achieve perfection for your clients. From unprecedented efficiencies in deviation analysis, to precision in reverse engineering, having a tailored solution will meet your exacting standards.

Imagine having a world-class Portable Metrology System that is designed to qualify tolerances of any part required, without needing to deliver the part to a metrology lab. A system that means you no longer have to bring the workplace to the lab but can have the lab IN the workplace, saving you time and money

As with any solution, hardware is only one part of the equation that needs to be considered. When devising a metrology solution to suit your business and the type of work you partake in, we understand the hardware is only as versatile as the software that supports and drives it. Leussink offers a large portfolio of software applications that can be tailored to your needs.

The Leussink metrology difference

One thing will be clear when working with Leussink - we live and breathe engineering. We will thoroughly explore and uncover the needs of your business and processes, while proactively looking for ways in which efficiency, accuracy, and quality can be improved. We speak your language. This means zero confusion and zero chances of anything being lost in translation, which results in carefully considered and tailored solutions specifically for your business.

Our understanding of engineering and manufacturing means we subscribe to the ethos ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. This thinking surrounds and drives everything we do at Leussink. Therefore, aside from selling or renting world-class metrology solutions to our clients, we also ensure that our support services are second to none.

Sourcing and creating a metrology solution designed to positively impact your business is just the tip of the iceberg. We provide a full Support Solution to ensure longevity for your metrology equipment. Whether you need technical support, servicing, accessories or calibration checks and assistance, make Leussink your first choice.

Products and Accessories


Tomelleri’s world-class Portable Metrology Systems are designed to qualify tolerances of any part required without the need to deliver the part to a metrology lab. Don’t bring the workpiece to the lab, bring the lab to the workpiece.

With all Tomelleri metrology solutions, customers have the option of either using Tomelleri’s in-house software or choosing software from a preferred third-party.

If you need to perform 3D inspections, CAD-to-part analysis, alignment or reverse engineering, Tomelleri Engineering’s portable CMMs are the industry standard in metrology. Your work is important, so accept nothing less than the best. Choose Tomelleri. Choose Leussink.

Calibration: Locally performed, internationally recognised

We understand that your investment needs to remain in service for as long as possible, meaning you need a fast turnaround when your metrology equipment requires calibrating. Leussink Engineering can calibrate your Tomelleri metrology system right here in Australia, which eliminates the high costs and delays involved in sending your equipment overseas to be calibrated.

For Sales, Service, or Hire, contact us today by calling (+61) 02 4260 7777 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read on for more about our metrology solutions.


SPACE Arm & SPACE Plus Arm

The SPACE Arm and SPACE Plus Arm are portable articulated arms CMM that are ideal for quick and accurate inspection of parts.

The current model SPACE Arms are lighter and therefore easier to handle while measuring. A counter-balance system with a double spring, coupled with unique magnetic brake and improved electronics, adds to the lightweight, ergonomically friendly characteristics of these metrology devices.

The SPACE Plus Arm can be used in combination with laser scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse engineering in seven-axis configuration, making it the perfect solution for touch or laser inspection, reverse engineering and pipe inspection.

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SPACE Plus & Laser Scanning solutions Arm

A SPACE Plus Arm and best in class scanner solution offers line-range laser probing ability, ideal for complex-profile contour scanning.

Our combined solutions feature digital (ASCII) coordinate output, a visible beam, a Class II rating for safe and simple operation and a long stand-off. The CMOS cameras feature simultaneous scanning as standard to assist with steep sidewall and recessed geometry capture. The SPACE Arm system can also integrate with 3rd party software as needed.

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The MICRON is the fastest, easiest to use and most accurate portable CMM on the market, based on accuracy over arm length. Counter-balanced and light-weight, the MICRON offers extremely smooth axis movement.

This is the perfect solution for any work requiring high precision and simple operation, such as touch probe inspection. The specific design of the MICRON’s arms allows access to the measurement of the workpiece around its outline. Simply put, the MICRON does what no other CMM can do.

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SPACE Tubo Arm

The SPACE Tubo is the pipe inspection solution you need. Based on the SPACE Arm design and the cumulation of more than 25 years of experience in producing portable measurement arms, the SPACE Tubo is a portable articulated arm CMM ideal for quick and accurate inspection of pipes and any other parts within its range.

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EXPLORER Measurement Arm

If you need to measure large volumes, the EXPLORER Measurement Arm is what you need. This unique portable arm comes with a measuring range of 5.0m, 7.0m or 9.0m, making it the apt choice when you need to measure large-scale equipment without compromising on accuracy.

Offering flexibility, the EXPLORER is the product of choice for touch probe inspection of large parts. Take the awkwardness and difficulty out of measuring large, heavy parts by taking the EXPLORER to the part.

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The FLOATING Probe Arm is based on a revolutionary new concept featuring a rigid mechanical probe suspended on a spring, driven by an aluminium ring that triggers data collection with a simple touch. The integrated force control avoids the application of uncontrolled load on the part, thereby improving accuracy and repeatability. The FLOATING Probe Arm is designed so that the control ring is isolated from the probe stylus to avoid thermal impact from the hands of the user.

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new mercury

NEW Mercury Line

The Mercury Measurement Arm is a brand new, eye-catching design that offers mass counterbalance for better ergonomics. Light and highly intuitive, this Arm is designed to enable the user to quickly get comfortable with using it to its full capacity to achieve best results.

Compatible with all probing inspection software available for the Tomelleri Arm range, the Mercury 1300 and Mercury 1800 offer maximum accuracy, meaning inspecting an object has never been easier. The numbers speak for themselves:



Mercury 1300


0,005 + L\50 < 0,015

Mercury 1800


0,005 + L\40 < 0,018

  1. Maximum Permissible Error, probing
  2. Maximum Permissible Error, length measurement