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For any manufacturing business, having versatile equipment and set-up is crucial to increasing efficiency, productivity and quality. Leussink’s commitment to these virtues has led to us partnering with Demmeler, a company that shares these values.

Hailing from Germany, Demmeler manufactures the most durable, versatile and trusted welding and fixturing products in the world. Through Leussink’s knowledge and determination to making the manufacturing and engineering industry more efficient than ever before, we are bringing Australia the finest in German designed and built products.

At Leussink, we don’t just sell you a table. Through our knowledge and decades of experience, Leussink is able to create welding and fixturing solutions for the Australian market that are built to stand the test of time. But more than this, we design solutions that help our clients to capitalise on efficiencies and productivity, without compromising quality and accuracy.

In fact, most clients who are using a Demmeler system have reported a 50% increase in productivity due to faster turnaround times, greater accuracy, higher quality and efficiency, and zero rework.

3D Welding Solutions from Leussink

We offer world-class 3D welding solutions that are designed to affix any sized part for fabrication and assembly. Whether clamping and welding, assembling and qualifying, a 3D welding solution from Leussink can help improve quality, while significantly reducing costs.

The versatility of the Demmeler table’s 3D jig and fixture system gives users one solution for all projects. A wide range of jobs can be completed with a Demmeler table, from steel construction to sheet metal processing, robot technology, assembly and measuring equipment, laser welding, laser cutting, prototype construction, pipe spool fabrication, and body construction, to name a few. This reduces operating costs and increases job efficiency.

Modular fixturing solutions from Leussink assist in revolutionising workshops and production facilities through carefully considered insights gained from getting to know a client’s business and its requirements. Our 3D clamping and welding solutions enable workflow to become more streamlined and effortless, without compromising on quality and accuracy, while its modular design enables expansion in scale with your business.

Couple this with 3D CAD software, and quality, accuracy, and efficiency, are exponentially increased. This software allows users to electronically store jig set up designs for recurring jobs and use templates over and over, meaning less storage of physical jigs that take up valuable shelf space. Also, the use of 3D software ensures a high-level of accuracy every time, meaning an item can be reproduced faster and more efficiently.

The nature of a Leussink clamping system, specifically its ability to support and ensure any part regardless of size, is firmly secured, increases safety and protection for your most important assets – your people.

And it’s also the clamping system that provide infinite uses that truly enhance the Demmeler clamping tables. Imagine components that can be added or adjusted in seconds, with no limits on the sizes or combinations of fixtures. Every piece can be quickly set-up, moved and clamped in any direction that’s needed. Demmeler bolts are hardened to withstand a high clamping force and have an ergonomically knurled bolt head for fast one-hand operation, allowing your staff more freedom, while also increasing efficiency.

Designed and built to withstand decades of heavy-duty wear and tear, a Leussink modular welding solution can be configured with the appropriate tooling kit to suit any workshop or production environment. Demmeler’s Demont range uses a high-strength base material for the worktop in combination with a special optimised low heat hardening process that delivers the best possible surface characteristics for any type of project. Demmeler tables are constructed using a low heat hardening process, which helps stop distortion caused by high heat.

Every element of a Leussink Demmeler table solution is aimed at making your manufacturing process easier and more efficient. Even the bolts for the table are uniquely designed to increase production efficiency. Demmeler‘s PPC bolts are self-centring, force-locked and low-wear clamping solutions available in short and long options with a countersunk or regular head. Manufactured from high-quality hardened steel makes them extremely robust. The locking mechanism for the PPC bolts employs a cone instead of the usual ball system, which provides more force but less wear and tear due to its polygon shape.

These considered design elements, make them very easy and quick to clamp and unclamp. And if you use the Demmeler power screwdriver with quick-change coupling, the process is 10 times faster than conventional methods.

From pallet making to ship building, a Leussink welding solution is a must have for any manufacturer that wants to boost every element of their production process.

Download the latest Demmeler catalogue and let us know your requirements.

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Customised welding and fixturing tables built in Australia

We have the ability to build customised modular fixturing tables in our NSW workshop on the east coast of Australia.

This means that customers who require a custom welding or fixturing solution can have it built to their exact specifications right here in Australia. This enables quicker assembly, delivery and installation, allowing for crucial care to be taken with configuring the required components you need.

Leussink is the exclusive Australian stockist of Demmeler parts and accessories. Our partnership with Demmeler ensures that should we not have what you want in stock, we can easily source the parts you need.

For more information or to arrange a free demonstration, contact us today by phoning (+61) 02 4260 7777 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Leussink Exclusively representing Demmeler Germany in Australia as well as New Zealand

Long term partnership between Leussink and Demmeler has upgraded to include full Sales, Support, Accessories, Hire and Warranty of Demmeler Germany 3D Clamping Systems and, Manipulators, both in Australia & New Zealand. Complementing Leussink's existing product and service range, Demmeler Germany offer world class 3D Welding Systems designed to fixture any part for fabrication and assembly.

Innovations and quality leadership are key aspects of our overall brand concept. With Demmeler as the inventor of the 3D clamping systems and 3D welding tables, you reach your goals more quickly and generate higher yields. Our daily mission is to meet and even exceed the high standards of our customers. We help you succeed with the best products “Made in Germany”. With the Demmeler 3D worktables and clamping systems, you can produce more quickly and accurately. You also protect your most important resource – your employees.

For Sales, Service, Warranty or Hire, Contact us for more information

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PROFIEcoLINE, PROFIPlusLINE, PROFIPremiumLINE and HobbyLine series

Demmler offers clamping systems and welding tables for professionals and beginners.

You will also find an extensive selection of accessories to complement your clamping systems and welding tables in our product range. In addition to accessory sets for the professional welder, you can get many small parts including supporting elements such as connection angles, corner modules and segmented grid plates. Also angle brackets, clamping devices, pneumatic clamping elements, quick release skewers, magnetic clamps, supports, tools, care products and accessories. Thanks to the modular building block structure of the clamping systems, you can assemble your very own worktable. This begins with the clamping and adapter plate and extends all the way to various stops.

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Demmeler 3D welding tables – optimum solution for many tasks!

The universal 3D welding table meets all requirements for horizontal as well as vertical applications. With this modular system, setting up your parts exactly and quickly is a snap: Machine housings, racks, frames, cross members, mounting brackets, railings, stairs, gates, control cabinets, sheet metal coverings and much more.

Elaborate and costly conventional fixtures are a thing of the past. With this system, you can set and fix the specified sizes for any work piece quickly and precisely. Your individual welded components are clamped at the corresponding faces or points during the tacking and welding process for optimum positioning.

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The new Demmeler hardness DEMONT

DEMONT 860 M - Using a high-strength base material for the worktop in combination with the special, optimised Demmeler hardening process results in the best possible surface characteristics. A hardness of up to 860 Vickers can be achieved. The combination of a high-strength base material and special hardening process makes it possible to achieve the best possible welding table properties for extreme strain.

DEMONT 760 M - Stands for the combination of the specified base material and the new Demmeler hardening process optimised especially for welding tables. This results in outstanding surface characteristics. A hardess of up to 760 Vickers can be achieved, reducing wear for an even longer service life of your welding table.

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Tooling Sets - Available for every application and budget

From small Beginner to Expert there is a tool set to fullfil your requirement. You can individually assemble or supplement your sets with the large selection of Demmeler accessories! No job is too big or small, there is a clamping solution for everyone.

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Table Legs - The right foot for every purpose

Efficient work is guaranteed! From the fine-adjustable standard foot to the mobile heavy-duty foot to the continuously variable scissor lift for components weighing up to 6 tons, a variety of table feet is available for the different table systems to meet the needs of every application. This ensures you have the greatest possible freedom in production.

Thanks to their intelligent design, the sturdy attachment of the feet is straightforward. The robust version ensures a long life. Foot sleeve prevents pinching the welding hose and protects the threaded spindle against dirt.

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Demmeler base rails – for big projects!

A grid system of any size adapted to your product portfolio can be installed in your production hall. This provides you with a level installation surface over the entire area, including grid bores. The rail system is installed according to your requirements. Several versions are available to you, for example overfloor or underfloor installation. The advantage of underfloor installation is that the entire work area around the rail system is accessible for persons and vehicles.

This accessibility makes work easier, reduces the risk of accidents and thereby boosts safety and increases efficiency in manufacturing. You have access to the comprehensive selection of Demmeler accessories to set up your clamping fixtures on the rail system.

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Floor plates - Transforming the factory floor

With the permanently installed floor plates, you can transform your hall into a giant clamping system. Ideal for large and heavy work pieces. The floor plates are suitable for overfloor and underfloor installation – depending on your preferences! Ultimate stability is achieved through anchoring to the hall floor.

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Demmeler clamping pins for all applications!

Demmeler clamping pins are universal products, consistently suited for all welding table systems. They add strength and safety to the entire system.

Different versions are offered to optimise their use for a wide variety of applications. Regardless of the concrete application, high stability is therefore assured with low fixation effort, even in light to moderate steel, sheet metal or plant construction.

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Spacer Blocks - Thinking beyond the edge of the welding table

There are situations where having a bigger welding table would be nice. We developed the spacer block so the welding table can grow with your needs. A smart system for the temporary expansion of your welding table. When you use our rail system, you can extend the supporting surface with spacer blocks as far as the rails reach. These add-on components increase your flexibility without permanently taking up space.

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Angles - Work can be so easy!

As a stop, table expansion or to secure angled work pieces at 90° – the new generation of PROFIPremiumLINE angles with their unique grooves in a 90° kidney shape expands the application possibilities several times over. With the new design, stability was increased by up to 40 % depending on the loading case. With the integrated system bores in the size 50 grid on all faces and the extended face plate, all requirements are covered. Extremely lightweight yet sturdy implementation in aluminium-titanium alloy.

  • Reinforcement in the corners with 90° system groove in kidney shape supports continuously variable use, also with angular adjustment
  • Improved rigidity
  • Higher number of cross braces with bores
  • Extended face plate with additional bore
  • 50 mm bore hole grid on all faces

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Stops - A secure stop in any clamping situation

Universal stops made by Demmeler offer ultimate flexibility in any clamping situation. They are easy to use in work areas with limited space. Standard precision scaling permits fine adjustment using grid lines. Stops with a combination of system bore and oblong hole are continuously adjustable. This results in an endless number of clamping possibilities. Demmeler PPC bolts for precise and continuously variable positioning in the table hole pattern. Additional recesses are provided for fastening corner stops.

Demmeler clamping systems stand for:

  • Precision in 3D. Gentle but definite fixation.
  • Straightforward fixation of all components.
  • Processing of all components with positioning absolutely free of play.
  • Controlled pre-stressing and controlled straightening.

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Supports - Exact positioning

Exact positioning

With Demmeler supports, you can consistently bring your work pieces into the exact position quickly. No matter whether you need to secure or level angular or round components – the extensive product range overcomes every challenge. With the various spacer sets suitable for the respective system size, you can compensate height differences up to 0.1 mm to the respective supporting surface depending on the requirements. Demmeler pressure and contact tapers can hold tubes with an interior diameter up to 105 mm.

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Clamps - Flexible down to the details

Thanks to the modular system, the clamps adapt perfectly to the respective clamping situation. Select from various materials for the clamping pad and different spindle lengths, also for small installation spaces.

The latch lever makes quick and precise clamping possible even with one hand. With three different tube lengths and exchangeable arms, you can handle any clamping task.

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Clamping and adapter plates for special requirements

A broad performance spectrum not only requires experienced planners and technicians but flexible machinery and equipment as well. With worktops in various shapes and sizes, you can attach your work pieces using the standard thread (M24) – also in combination with the proven 3D clamping system. We generally recommend a small to medium worktop size so you have the best possible access to the work piece. Expanding the worktop is possible via the lateral surface. As an innovative and flexible solution provider, we also fabricate custom worktops to meet your special requirements.

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Accessories - A wide variety to choose from

The sophisticated product range of the Demmeler 3D welding tables and clamping systems is complemented by an extensive selection of table accessories: With us you will find everything for the safe storage of your Demmeler tools, the right equipment for straightforward clamping and releasing of the clamping pins, and care products that protect the materials. We make sure that you can continue to expand your system throughout its service life.

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Practical application examples from the construction industries

Precisely moving heavy loads – a Liebherr and Demmeler speciality

Liebherr AG is a world leader for perfect solutions to precisely lift heavy loads. The yellow cranes in many different versions are used on construction sites, in factories, container terminals and offshore applications. From tower cranes for high-rise............ Read more

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Manipulators - Welding and assembly in the ideal position

Proper ergonomic design of the workplace allows efficient and error-free performance of work and protects staff against health hazards, even during long assignments. The „Demmeler Ergonomix“ and „Demmeler Robotix“ manipulators offer preventative occupational safety, more safety at the workplace, higher efficiency and thereby improved quality in production.

Whichever way you look at it, the Demmeler manipulator is indispensable.


  • Quality improvement
  • Increased productivity
  • Health protection and safety

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Demmeler Rotatorix®

Continuous rotation of growing or asymmetrical work pieces of up to 4,000 kg around their own axes With the Rotatorix® R 2000/950, when using two reversible clamping devices, work pieces of up to 4,000 kg can be continuously rotated round their own axis to enable a worker to easily access them from all sides. Each work piece can be manually or electrically rotated – mainly for growing or asymmetrical work pieces – which means less strain on the worker's back. Not only does this prevent overloading and symptoms of fatigue, but it also enables access to the work area, eliminating the need for dangerous and time-consuming turning of the work piece by crane. In addition, the best possible quality can also be obtained as, thanks to optimised welding sequences, less welding distortion is produced on the work pieces. The Rotatorix® also increases deposition efficiency. The system is based on the D28 clamping system.

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Metrology table - Hold the part exactly how you want to

Leussink has a range of Demmeler 3D fixturing tables and accessories designed to seamlessly connect to any brand of metrology articulated measurment arm. As a user and reseller of Metrology grade articulated measuring arms (Tomelleri), Leussink understand the need to position your product exactly how you want too. Converting your mobile measuring tool onto a fixed precision and stable workbench, Demmeler has the application to meet the requirement.

More Info on Metrology grade measureing arms.

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Rent / Hire / Contract

Leussink has a range of Demmeler 3D welding tables and accessories available for imediate use. If you have a project but you cannot justify a new purchase, or maybe your need additional equipment then Contact us today.

Short term or long term we can tailor a package to suit your needs at a fraction of the cost of purchasing.